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 Looking after your wig

  •  We recommended washing your wig every 4 – 6, weeks, depending on your lifestyle
  • Wash in tepid water with a teaspoon of shampoo in the basin taking care not to rub the fibres
  • Leave to soak for up to 10 minutes then remove the wig and carefully rinse with cool water
  • You can also use conditioner at this point, making sure to rinse thoroughly
  • Place on a towel and blot dry (Please do not rub) 
  • Give the wig a shake to release the fibres
  • Leave somewhere warm to dry ready to brush and go
  • Note: You cannot use tint or dye on synthetic fibre, it will not alter the colour of your wig
  • Do not use heated appliances ie: HairdrIers, Tongs or other forms of heat on synthetic wigs