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 ‘Supreme’      £320.00 (Two for £600 saving £40) Plus 

                   Plus £5.00 P&P =£325.00


EXACTLY what you would want the perfect hairpiece to be

This superior FULLY HANDMADE MONAFILAMENT “SUPREME” hairpiece is absolutely unique, is exclusively designed and is only available from us. A superfine transparent fibre netting is microwelded & fully ventilated making it totally invisible. More comfort and strength, complete freedom from heat & perspiration. It’s almost weightless! Ideal for all sports activities, swimming , golf, etc. You will notice the extra bounce with the very best guaranteed non-fade, synthetic fibre available on the market today, with a balanced mixture of human hair. Each hair is individually Double Handknotted into the micro-thin base. More control, lifelike appearance than ever experienced before, giving the wearer supreme confidence

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Buy Two wigs for £600.00

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 ‘Classic’     £210.00 (TWO FOR £330 SAVING £30)

Plus £5.00 P&P – £215.00



Our Own Famous & Popular ‘Classic’ The Lowest cost In The Uk

With strands of hair being individually implanted into the unique micro thin transparent polyurethane skin base it gives the most ‘natural growing’ hair effect. Using 100% genuine supreme quality human hair – it has proved to be our most popular and UNDETECTABLE hairpiece – as proved on TV. The ventilated base is ideal for swimming and other sports and will mould to the shape of  your scalp giving that ‘made to measure’ look. The base can be reduced to any size and shape to fit a very small bald area such as a receding front hairline or just a crown. The hairpiece can be combed in any direction – forward , backwards or to the side, with or without a parting – the choice is yours! Buy Classic :

 ‘Champion’    £240.00  (TWO FOR £400 SAVING £36)

Plus £5.00 P&P = £245.00

mens-championFully Handmade Hairpiece With A Centre – mesh Ventilation Area

The model is a balanced mixture of approximately 40% human hair and 60% non-fade synthetic fibre on a net base, giving the hair more bounce. Comfort  of wearing is guaranteed by excellent handknotted VENTILATION AREAS which are porous and ‘BREATHE’ absorbing perspiration, moisture and heat, allowing your scalp to breathe and keeping you cool. Appropriate for every age. Let your personality speak by completing your hairstyle with a ‘Champion’ hairpiece. Ideal wearing attributes – extremely lightweight, good ventilation and the perfect hair-mix is a natural copy of  your own hair.

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 ‘Long Life’      £260 (TWO FOR £450 SAVING £30)

                   Plus £5.00 P&P = £265



Amazingly natural this hairpiece has the added advantage of 50% human hair and 50% of the very best quality synthetic non-fade fibre. The best of both worlds, extra bounce, more control plus the benefit of the air stream cooling centre. Feel the difference, it is soft, so easy to manage – looks and feels like human hair. The base is made of unique skin-tone-net which is hardwearing hence it’s name ‘Longlife’. Fully ventilated for cool comfort, it is implanted at the parting area for that natural ‘growing hair’ effect. Only you will know the secret!

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Buy Two for £450 Buy Two :

 ‘Scallop’            £390 (TWO FOR £680 SAVING £34)

                      Plus £5.00 P&P = £395
mens-scallopNew- Air Flow Scallop Front Monofilimant Hairpiece

STYLES AHEAD have the edge on others and offer OUR OWN innovative micro-scalloped monofilament Masterpiece. (coup d’etet). Be astonished – adaptable – natural – with one of the finest hairpieces ever constructed. Literally ‘Art that conceals Art”. Unique features include *Scalloped front, *Ultra light, *Parts left, right or nowhere at all. Baby fine hair front *Micro welded construction, *Double Hand knotted, *Guaranteed totally undetectable. With 50% human hair 50% of the finest fibres there is NOTHING TO BEAT IT! 99% inspiration 1% perspiration . This is one of the best, durable hairpieces money can buy!

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 ‘Full Wig’      £230  (TWO FOR £430 SAVING £30)

                  Plus £5.00 P&P = £235
mens-fullwigGENTS FULly handmade wigs

For those clients with little or no ‘own hair’ growth the obvious choice is the Whole Head  ‘PRESTIGE’ wig which grips the head through the use of elasticated netting. Made from 100% finest synthetic fibre will compliment the most natural styles- the choice is yours right,left or centre parting. OR NO PARTING AT ALL!. Also an ideal choice if you are wanting an All Black style. Sideburn pads offer additional security and the nape section is fully adjustable to avoid riding away unnaturally. The use of tapes is entirely optional . A superior ultra-light wig.  


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Buy Two for £430 Buy Two :


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Styles ahead offer you the first class  styling service in private on our premises, we provide an excellent postal styling service . Salon and styling & Fitting £25.00 (includes having your own hair trimmed) Postal styling service  £20.00 Perming £45.00 Tinting  £25.00 Re-Service and condition £25.00